Sunday, August 3, 2008

Trying to get back into blogging

I know that I have been a horrible bloggett because I have had notes from several people "UPDATE YOUR BLOG SLACKER!" So now its time to update!

I have to start where I left off...which is summer which in this day and age of weird school schedules is almost over because kids go back to school August 12th! YIKES! I miss the days of having Memorial Day to Labor day off. Seemed like there was a true break and there weren't so many days off during the school year.
On to summer!

We were very lucky to get to go to Montana this summer and even luckier to go to one of the prettiest places on earth GLACIER! Greg and the girls and I stayed in a forest service cabin "Owl Creek Cabin" Here is a pic...hard to believe there was that much snow in July!

Just kidding...this is a stock photo of the cabin. Its actually a lot bigger than it looks. Want to stay here?

If you want to stay in the back woods of Montana I fully recommend the forest service cabins. The best part of this one was the log that people have saved of their travels and stays in the cabin. We were completely grateful to whoever left a Banana Republic candle and completely in debt to whoever left the citronella candles because the mosquitoes there were the size of a Volkswagen.

So after our first night in the cabin we went on to Glacier for a whitewater rafting trip that was phenomenal. The only thing that I am miserable about is we didn't get any pics of us on the raft! We were on a raft with 2 couples from Massachusetts or as they would say close to the Hahbah. They were so cute. As we were going down the river Abbey commented that they sounded like the guys from Car Talk. If you want to hear them go to

To which Emily responded, I think Judy (one of the ladies) talks like Mrs. Potato Head from Toy Story. In case any of you haven't seen it I love the out takes. and then you will hear what our raft mates sounded like!

You too can have a whitewater adventure the next time you are in glacier You will have a great time! I know we did! When we got back to the launch point the Canadian visitors bureau was celebrating Canada Day. We were especially happy about this because this meant free hot dogs, soda, cotton candy, ice cream, cake and the best part of all...the bobsled!

After the kids woke up from the sugar coma (Thanks Canada!) We were off to the rest of Glacier. Going to the Sun Highway wasn't all the way open but we did get to see a lot of it.

Because of all of the late snow run off we saw a lot of water!

After we were worn out from Glacier we drove back to our hometown and got to spend some time on the lake and building a deck for Grandma's Lake house. The kids also spent a lot of time water skiing and tubing.

While we are at the lake house we like to drive in to PBurg which we go to for the candy store. Its called the Sweet Palace and they have every kind of candy imaginable. You can go into sugar shock just by walking through the door.

The other place that we hit is the Flint Creek Outdoors shop in PBurg. We like to go there because it links our Kansas-Montana lives because the guy that owns it is from Olathe! Check it out its a really cool store...

Ok and finally...while we were home Barack Obama spent the 4th of July in our hometown.
Hope you are all having a great summer...I promise I'll be a more diligent bloggett...


Danielle Holsapple said...

Wow - that triplooks and sounds amazing!!!!!! But where are the photos of you ?!?!? :)
See you Friday!

carol ann said...


Great pics of Montana and "the lake"

Carol Ann aka M-I-L

Anonymous said...

whats up everyone

great forum lots of lovely people just what i need

hopefully this is just what im looking for looks like i have a lot to read.