Thursday, August 21, 2008

Trying to figure myself out...

Ok, so my friend Danielle posted her 101 things on her blog and challenged the rest of us with the same. I have finally taken the time to do my 101 its your turn!

101 things

1) I love my daughters more than life itself
2) I had Abbey’s name picked out before she was conceived
3) I couldn’t decide on Emily’s name for a full day after she was born
4) I love my first name
5) I hate my middle name
6) When I was growing up I was the only girl in the family who wasn’t a Charlie’s Angel (Cheryll, Farrah, Kelley)
7) I could live on cereal
8) I love to read! (You can even keep track of what I am reading at the end of my blog!)
9) I wish that I would have become a lawyer
10) I want to teach, High School or college level Literature or Writing
11) I have had a novel in the works for 8 years and I can’t get it done
12) I miss my sisters every day
13) I often miss Montana
14) I am still glad that we moved to Kansas
15) When I was growing up I wanted to be an FBI agent
16) I’m not grown up and still want to be an FBI agent
17) I wish we could have had more kids
18) I was told I would never have kids
19) I’ve rounded up cows on my mountain bike
20) I still use the same bike that I got when I graduated from college
21) I’ve lost 19 lbs this summer
22) I want to lose sooooo much more!
23) I was named after my mom’s friend who died when she was 6
24) I was always disappointed as a kid that I couldn’t find anything with my name on it (pencils, shirts, shoe laces)
25) I have more friends that are male than female
26) I come across as confident but I am so often full of self doubt
27) I still cry every time I watch Steel Magnolias
28) My favorite tv show is Deadliest Catch
29) I have a thing for firemen
30) My speed skating coach was also the US Olympic Coach
31) I love my girls and don’t feel like I get enough time with them
32) I like to be alone and don’t feel like I get enough alone time
33) I have been trying for years to come up with an idea for a tattoo that would be perfect for me
34) I don’t think that I am a tattoo type
35) My grandmother who raised me hasn’t spoken to me in 2 years and I miss her deeply
36) I have worked on a crisis hotline
37) I spent a lot of time drinking with my friends when I was in college
38) I wish that I could do it again
39) I sat with the 1990 Portland Trailblazers in the Salt Lake airport chatting and laughing and didn’t realize, until people started asking for autographs, that they were famous
40) I never skipped a class in high school
41) I’ve never smoked a cigarette
42) I want to go to Hawaii
43) I think Glacier Park is one of the most beautiful places on Earth and I feel at peace there
44) I can’t wait to go whitewater rafting with my girls again
45) I want to finish my novel because I don’t want to go to work everyday
46) I would rather have a job where I make/build something than the consulting work that I do now
47) I did the majority of the work on the tile floor in my kitchen/entry way
48) I got my first hole in one on the day after my 36th birthday, on 8/16/08 on the 16th hole (my annual horoscope said 6 would be an important number)
49) I am a horrid procrastinator
50) I am a list maker, and yes sometimes I add things that I’ve already accomplished to a list just because I like to cross them off
51) I had a hysterectomy right after my 30th birthday
52) I have a horrific fear of getting cancer
53) I do the Susan G. Komen race with my girls (and Greg) every year and I’ve made them promise to do it with me when they are my age

54) I was a tom boy when I was growing up
55) I act like a mother hen to everyone
56) I should have been a psychologist
57) If I won the lottery I would by a huge chunk of land in Morro Bay or Pismo Beach and build

houses for my family so we could all live close
58) I have read all of the Harry Potter books
59) When I was growing up I wanted to be Babe Didrikson
60) I had a huge crush on Rick Springfield …and I’m guessing you did too!

61) I have horrible taste in music and listen to more old stuff than new (see #60)
62) A good friend of mine died when we were 16 and a lot of times when I am worrying about something I have a dream that we are sitting around talking about it
63) I sometimes like to watch Hannah Montana with the girls
64) It sometimes hurts my feelings that Abbey doesn’t want to be chatty with me (or anyone else)
65) It sometimes drives me crazy that Emily wants to chat all the time!
66) I love to play cards
67) I love to play board games
68) I love to scrapbook and wish I could find more time to do it
69) I am afraid to fly
70) I love my in-laws as if they were my own
71) Loving my in-laws only makes me miss my family more
72) I would love to be a stay at home mom
73) I love to crochet
74) I want to learn to knit
75) I want to go on a big road trip with my sisters
76) I swear like a sailor (must be why I like Deadliest Catch!)
77) I feel like I’m home whenever I am in a town on the west coast
78) I’ve never been to Florida
79) I can’t sew worth a flip
80) I wish I could sew
81) I punched a guy who threw beer on my sister (he dropped to the ground)
82) I have two brothers that I would like to get to know better
83) I love to paint (housing interiors not pictures)
84) I have no artistic talent at all!
85) I had an art teacher think I was deranged because I made a mosaic of a gumball machine with people inside
86) I love watching the chef competition shows
87) I would love to be a better cook
88) I love to bake
89) I’ve taken cake decorating courses
90) I am a geek!
91) I’d rather be a beauty!
92) I am completely addicted to Bare Minerals make up and I have become a pusher of it to everyone else (really I don't get any kickbacks!)
93) More and more I can’t stand clutter
94) I want to be more organized
95) I want to have more fun with my husband
96) I hate for anyone to workout with me
97) I love the workouts on exercise tv
98) I believe I am a good mom
99) I am a good friend
100) I am a staunch Democrat and do things for campaigns every year
101) I love techie gadgets!


Danielle Holsapple said...

I am glad you did was fun getting to know you better! Isn't funny how we never really know what we want to do for a living?! And I had no idea you swore a lot - I haven't heard it! LOL!

Jeff said...

Thank you so much for visiting and for your comment and advice.

Best of luck with everything.

Danielle Holsapple said...

Hey Shanna! Where are you?!?! LOL!