Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Trying to get my sistah to forgive me!

Ok, so I have been completely remiss because I A) Have not blogged in a year and B) haven't done the Happy Birthday blog to my sister Jackie...I mean Kelley!

So here goes...

My sister Kelley is one of the world's most beautiful women (now she owes me a dollar) She is funny and witty and it is rare that I can have more fun with one person. She is the best sidekick that a person could have!

When she was here this past Thanksgiving a new sense of silliness ensued. We decided that together we were more Bahstan than the Affleck brothers and have that perfect blend of Bahstan, South Philly, and Jersey. We laughed so hard our sides ached and said Faqn more often than all episodes of the Sopranos put together. I love the fact that we can get together and just look at each other and start laughing like little girls (howver this doesn't make me happy when she looks at me and starts laughing and I think its because I am covered in glitter from presents I am making for her!)

We have so much in common from the fact that we love our kids with all of our hearts, love our siblings just as deeply and have an undying respect for the late, great Aaron Spelling (God rest his soul!) We both know that that man was a Gen i us! So many of our favor Ite shows came from that man. Love Boat, Fantasy Island, Hart to Hart and the be all and end all of entertainment 90210...again let me just say genius! If people were smart they would have had the two of us (Jackie and Terri) deliver the Eulogy because no one else in the en ti ya world has more respect for him (God rest his soul) than the two of us! :)

One of the things that pleases me most is not only does she forgive me for dancing in a cage at SRO (chuckle) but she trusts me with the most important of all tests.

Back to spending time togetha...When Kelley comes to visit we have a great time but I don't think we've ever bonded quite like we did this time. The two of us laughed straight for days and even our kids were better behaved because I think they believed that we had lost our minds so they felt like they had to give us a break. We went to a Burger King to get a cup of cawfee for a man that was standing out in the below freezing weather holding a sign for a company going out of business. Kelley felt bad that he was freezing so we go to get the cawfee and the dawl face that took our order was so kind. In fact I called her dawl face and thanked her for being a dawl. At that point our kids decided to behave and do whatever we asked because they weren't quite certain of which of our Cybil personalities would show up next but they were praying it wasn't Joan Crawford!

I also have to give her props for always being willing to do our hair when she comes to visit. One Kelley haircut is worth a year of any other cuts. She gave my girls pure joy with their fancy cuts and every where we go someone asks where they got such a great cut. She is a hard worker, a great mom and a fabulous sister.

I am so glad that we are friends! Love you!


Lisa Jones said...

Yay! New blog!!

You've been-a-slackin' girlfriend! haha

Love ya!
Wisa :-)

Adele Parks said...

Wow, you have been busy reading your way through 2008! Big thanks for picking up one of my books too, hope you enjoyed it.

Have fun